Living Life Optimized

Osteopathic care can help you live life optimized by alleviating pain, recovering from injury, & freeing up restrictions in the body that would otherwise hold you back from achieving your body's fullest, healthiest potential.



What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic complementary healthcare that works with your body in order to re-establish balance. Classical osteopathy places emphasis on the principle that the body is a fully integrated unit of function that is self-healing & self-regulating. The way that an Osteopath works is through their understanding of the relationship that exists between the structure and function of the anatomy, & how they influence each other.

For example, a poor posture where the individual is in a prolonged slouched position will increase the pressure in the abdomen through the direct mechanical force applied by the ribs. Some symptoms that an individual may experience from this include poor digestion, something that a large percentage of the population suffers from. The severity of the symptoms may also depend on the extent of the posture. In addition, this works in reverse as well. An upset stomach may cause an individual to lean over in an effort to reduce the amount of pain being experienced, thus the structure now becomes altered by the function.

Anatomical knowledge has been the cornerstone of osteopathy since it was initially founded. However, understanding normal for a particular individual requires the practitioner to have a certain level of clinical experience as well as being effective in comparative analysis. A skilled practitioner of osteopathy will always listen first to what the body is telling them & then act according to how the body demands.

Osteopathy may be used for a variety of reasons including preventive care, maintenance, alleviating aches & pains, recovering from an injury or accident, or freeing up restrictions in the body that may be holding you back from your daily activities or goals.

The Support You Need

As osteopathic practitioners  we are committed to keeping the community healthy. Each assessment and treatment is customized to meet your personal needs and is provided in a safe and effective manner. We guarantee the highest level of care in each treatment.


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